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Telegram member adder – Auto export and import members to your Telegram groups

Telegram is one of the world’s most popular safe and secure apps. Therefore, owning groups with a lot of members on Telegram can bring customers benefits. Users can advertise products, services and earn a lot from Telegram group members. However, create a Telegram group with a large number of members in short range of time manually is not easy. Therefore, a Telegram Member Adder tool can help users save much more time and cost.

What is Telegram?

Telegram is a free platform for users to message, call or share files. Telegram is considered as one of the most secure messaging applications available today. This tool also supports the premium option Secret Chat (Secret Chat), with the ability to encrypt the conversation. In particular, only the sender and receiver will know the content of the conversation, no 3rd party.

Why do we need a Telegram Member Adder Tool?

Millions of people are using Telegram everyday. Thus, a telegram group will be a good market to get in touch with potential customers. However, it will take a lot time for  you to create then add member manually. In this case, our Telegram Member Adder software can address these problems. Our Telegram software will help you add many member to group automatically.

Telegram member adder Bot – Full functions of Telegram Automation Software

  • Auto login
  • Join or leave groups automatically
  • Farm Telegram accounts
  • Upload avatar in bulk
  • Scrape members from group
  • Add members to group
  • Auto message online users
  • Search and add users by username, name from Global Result
  • Post to thousands of groups
  • Join in groups
  • Subscribe channel
  • Manual control
  • Change name/ username
  • Random delay
  • Deleted username

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