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Youtube Upload Bot – Auto Upload Videos in Bulk to YouTube

Nowadays, many people use the Youtube platform to earn money. However, the process of getting money from Youtube is not easy. There are many steps in this process such as creating content, taking and editing videos, uploading on Youtube, planning marketing strategies, etc. So if there is any software to help you save time and make money more quickly, you should use it right away. Do you wonder how Youtubers upload videos in bulk and manage them on their channel? A Youtube Upload bot is very useful in this case.

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What is Youtube? How to upload a video on Youtube?

Youtube is one of the most popular platforms nowadays. Youtube allows you to watch, upload and download videos for free. It not only helps you make money but also helps you relax. So there are more and more youngers who want to become YouTubers.

The process of uploading a video on a Youtube channel is so easy. Firstly, you need to log in to Youtube by a created Gmail account and then click on upload video like the below photo.

youtube uploader bot

Click “choose file” and choose the video you want to upload on your computer file.

Remember to enter title and meta description for videos. Then choose audience and visibility level and click “Save”.

youtube uploader bot

If you want to make money on Youtube, you can not upload just 1 video per day, you need to upload so many videos. Why don’t think about using the software to save time and effort?

Why You Should Use Software to Upload or Re-Upload Videos in Bulk? 

Youtube is a potential market for making money online. Youtubers earn money through creating content and uploading videos on Youtube. However, creating a video is not easy at all. Instead, many people take advantage of the available videos and select good videos to attract viewers. This is the most popular method of making money on Youtube today. You just need to re-upload someone else’s video (download from Tiktok, Facebook, Youtube) on your own Youtube channel and then make money from clicking ads on the video.

NoteYou have to determine whether the video is copyrighted or not. It means you are only allowed to re-upload videos that their owner allows. If you post copyrighted videos for a long time, you will be fined by Youtube. Even your channel can be locked at the worst. It is one of the policies that cause a lot of Youtube channels to be disabled. Therefore, you should use images, audio, and content of the videos that be allowed by the owner, or use non-copyrighted content.

Therefore, if you are uploading or re-uploading videos to make money on Youtube, this will be useful software for you. Youtube Upload Bot will help you upload mass videos on your Youtube channels without taking too much time.

Auto Upload Unlimited Videos Software – Youtube Upload Bot

youtube uploader bot

More and more YouTubers joins YouTube race everyday. Your channels need to make sure the number of videos uploaded as well as good quality of content. It takes a great deal of time if you create and upload videos manually. To meet the needs of many youtubers, Autobotsoft has launched a software – Youtube Uploader. It can help you save both time and effort in uploading videos as well as managing multiple youtube channels at the same time.

Youtube Uploader Bot will help you upload videos in bulk automatically on many channels. Everything is automatic, you just need to import data of videos, channels and click run.

Main Features of Youtube Upload Bot

Besides uploading function, this software also has many other features such as:

  • Upload videos in bulk to YouTube channels.
  • Simulate thousands of virtual devices, run multi-threads
  • Multi-thread support
  • Support 4G and Proxies
  • Auto solve captcha
  • Custom title, description, tags, etc.
  • Support bulk watermark videos before posting to YouTube
  • Delete uploaded videos
  • Autosave uploaded video link after uploading
  • Support cookies and profile to avoid re-login Gmail accounts
  • Manage unlimited YouTube Channels and Accounts

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Managing multiple YouTube channels and uploading bulk videos on YouTube are essential tasks for YouTubers to earn money or marketing on YouTube. Our YouTube Uploader Bot can help you save lots of time and cost by uploading bulk videos to multiple YouTube channels simultaneously.

I hope this article will be useful for you. Thanks for your reading.

For more details, kindly contact us at Autobotsoft – Top Marketing Software

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