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Youtube view bot – Increase YouTube Views without dropping – YouTube Marketing tool

Increase YouTube views can help you earn a lot of money. However, with the strict policy from YouTube, views of your video can be dropped dramatically. A YouTube view bot as QniTubeAction can help you avoiding view dropping.

Why are views on YouTube dropped? 

YouTube is tightening censorship to prevent users from virtual views, so increasing thousands views for a video without dropping is hard job. For example, if you view 1 video on the same IP and Gmail account many times, views will not be counted by YouTube. Therefore, you need a YouTube view bot as our YouTube view bot automatically without dropping.

What is QniTubeAction? – YouTube View Bot

Youtube view bot is developed by Autobotsoft team with various functions which can help customers to increase YouTube views, likes, subscribers, comments, etc. for their videos as well as their channels automatically. Basically, it will simulate real users’ activities with different accounts and IPs.

Outstanding Features of QniTubeAction – YouTube View Bot

  • Manage unlimited YouTube accounts, YouTube video links
  • Increase YouTube views by using Gmail (Software will login multiple Gmail with different proxies to increase determined views)
  • Increase YouTube views by various method (search, direct link. playlist, ect.)
  • Auto comment on YouTube videos
  • Increase YouTube subscriber
  • Like your video’s  comments
  • Increase YouTube Likes
  • Support auto solving captcha
  • Dislike videos
  • Support cookies/Profile so that the software doesn’t have to log in to Gmail for each run. The software will login to each Gmail account one time to generate cookies and profiles. Next run it will load cookies or profile to run.
  • Support proxies or Dcom 3G
  • Multi-threads

> Refer to Increase YouTube views using software – QniTubeAction Tool 

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