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As part of Google, Youtube is the most powerful video-based marketing platform with over 2.5 billion monthly active users. People watch over 1 billion hours of video content on YouTube and 500 hours of video are uploaded every minute. Besides, Youtube views determine how your content is visible in this community. With that in mind, you can understand what it takes to win this game of numbers as well as dominate in this video world. With billions of knowledge to increase views for free found on search engines, we find it difficult to have the appropriate way to your content. We will show you some keys to increase Youtube views for free, especially our Youtube views increaser that combines various sources to diversify your views.

Youtube views increaser

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What Youtube view count is

View count on Youtube represents the number of times an audience clicks on your video. That number is displayed on your channel or Youtube analytics. Youtube has a different way of counting views depending on your video length and how you work on Youtube. The fact shows that with the same number of viewers, but the results recognized by Facebook and Youtube are different. Accordingly, this metric shows your visibility on Youtube. A high number of views helps to add value to both content creators and Youtube users. This is also social proof that your content gets a lot of appreciation. For these reasons, Youtube considers view counts as the  #1 ranking factor. Let’s go into detail how Youtube views greatly contribute to your channel’s development.

How Youtube views grow your channel

Produce viral marketing  

Once you have read this far, you need to realize the power of viral marketing or viral videos. Viral Marketing is capable of influencing sharing, spreading content and messages from a single person to another quickly. Youtube views play an important part in the success of a viral marketing campaign. The more views your content has, the more viral and popular your video becomes on Youtube. This is exactly the first goal of social media based marketers, yours and ours.

Enhance the brand’s awareness 

Once your video goes viral, your brand is widely spread and increases brand recognition. With Youtube’s massive traffic, absolutely this is possible. The more people you reach to your content, the more leads you’ll get, even beyond your expectations. Youtube will recognize your efforts by recommending any content they deem appropriate for the audience. Once you get YouTube’s attention with thousands or millions of views, it’s time to see new successes coming to your channel.

A key to be qualified for Youtube partner program and succeed in monetization 

Youtubers must have had a key to the question How many view counts need to make money on Youtube? as this count directly affects your overall watch time and monetization with Google adsense. One of the main requirements for getting paid by Youtube is to reach at least 4,000 watch hours. The longer you keep viewers engaged with your video, the faster you will earn money.

Hence, no matter what your marketing goal is, be it making videos viral, increasing brand recognition or raising your earnings from Youtube, Youtube views is the perfect start for you.

Tips to increase Youtube views for free – Youtube views increasers

Today, there are many methods of increasing views that require large investments, eg: Google Ads or Youtube Ads and bring great results to your channel. However, now we will show you ways to increase views that are no less effective than these paid methods and help grow your channel organically and free of charge.

Drive views using Keyword SEO and Playlist SEO

Keyword optimization

The first important way in unpaid increasing views is keyword optimization. With this method, you can get 6 times more views. Here are some statements from Youtube showing the need for doing Keyword Research or Find keywords with search traffic potential:

  1. Put your keyword in the title: Youtube or Google takes your keyword seriously in the title. It is good for you to have keywords that accurately summarize your entire content. Your keywords need to support YouTube to organize the content display, grab the user’s attention and tell the viewer know that you’ve got the information they’re following. Additionally, a study has shown that titles with powerful keywords bring a higher ranking to your content. That way, you are more likely to get thousands of views and improve traffic to your channel.
  2. Description optimization: Keep in mind Youtube only displays your description within the first 2 or 3 lines. Hence, it is recommended that you put your most powerful keywords in the first few sentences to get your content appear and quickly drive views. Also, optimizing the description by embedding important links or web pages in this first section significantly contributes to your marketing campaign.
  3. Playlist description optimization: In this regard, you can consider it a title aid and make it clear why your playlist is worth watching. The description in the playlist should include the target keywords and the channel name, eg: “How to get more Youtube subscribers rapidly 2022” or “Youtube views increaser”. Now we’ll take a look at the fantastic advantages of adding videos to playlists.

Adding videos to playlists

Firstly, for video SEO, creating a playlist is to group your videos into separate lists that share a common theme and content and allow users to easily find the category that matches their interests. Along with automatically playing mode, it helps promote every video and raise views to all the videos.

Secondly, playlists can optimize your videos through ranking for the keywords that people are searching for and then get your videos appear on the top of search results. Hence, adding popular and target keywords increases impressions of your content and leads to more views.

Finally, Youtube states that a great playlist keeps viewers with videos longer and then contributes to your increase in overall watch time, which is one of the two most important metrics for making money on YouTube.

In addition, thumbnail and tag are also two factors that attract viewers to click on the video. Your content comes great when you can customize or create a unique thumbnail without having to get it from Youtube. And with 5-7 proper tags, Youtube users can find your video easily and thereby drive more random views to your content.

Increase Youtube views for free using Youtube views increaser 

Youtube views increaser has long been one of our best tools. The tool provides you with fantastic functions to raise views automatically and quickly. It also helps diversify the views you get using different sources. In addition, you can set a schedule to run the tool and the video watching time you wish to. With longer watch hours, you are more likely to get more recommendations from Youtube. One more thing, Youtube will not recognize your effort if you use the same IP for running views. Our Youtube views increaser keeps your account safe and builds your channel’s credibility by running multiple accounts with different IPs.

Four benefits to use Youtube views increaser you should NEVER ignore 

Combine multiple traffic sources to reach Real Views 

With our tool, you can choose various methods of increasing views that suit your needs.

  1. Keyword search: Our Youtube views increaser helps search engine to find your videos through your keywords
  2. Direct method: Increase views to specific videos
  3. Homepage: Raise views to videos displayed on your Homepage
  4. Channel: Boost video views in your channel and allow these videos to get recommended easily
  5. Playlist: Optimize views and watch hours to your playlists
  6. Traffic sources: Leverage traffic sources from the most popular social networking as Twitter and Facebook

In addition, combining these various methods lets you quickly capture the attention of a crowd and reach your maximum number of leads with diverse sources. That way, it produces a viral effect and ranks your videos higher.

Target video and watch hour with Youtube views increaser 

Youtube views increaser helps you specify videos to promote and control watch hours. With just a few clicks, it enables you to target videos and quickly reach your goal about overall watch hour.

Keep your views safe and get Youtube’s recognition using Youtube views increaser

Youtube views increaser gives you a result-oriented campaign to increase unlimited views and with good quality. That’s why, this bot is always our best selling and gains masses of people all around the world. To do it, we use how to run views with profiles. The tool will automatically create and save the profile, and then your account will be in a pre-login state and no need to relogin for the next time. This not only saves you a lot of time, but also gains trust of Youtube; thereby, it minimizes view drops, likes, subscribers, etc.

Besides, YouTube’s algorithm is getting smarter in counting views. With that in mind, our tool will first increase views for random videos, i.e. to simulate Human activity. And it also comes to a recommended video after watching your main videos. This lets you engage with the Youtube community and allows Youtube to recognize your contribution to its development.

Accordingly, by using our tool, you can rapidly achieve a growth in views both in quantity & quality and take your channel to the next level.

Other great functions of Youtube view increasers 

This tool not only gives you non-drop views but also accompanies you to every certain stage of video marketing. Our bot offers various other great features to maximize your channel’s growth and convert these results to real customers or clients:

  • Make your channel more crowded with auto comment in bulk
  • Push your comments to the top by liking comments
  • Comment in your community
  • Auto subscribe to YouTube channel
  • Boost YouTube Likes automatically

We hope above Youtube views increasers help you find a straightforward path to success and save you a lot of money and effort.

Thank you for following this post. We appreciate your time.

For more details, kindly contact us at Autobotsoft – Top Marketing Software.

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