Youtube watch time software – Increase YouTube watch time using QniTubeAction

Many YouTubers earn much money because YouTube is one of the most popular sharing video platform. After reaching 4,000 hours watch time for video and 1,000 subscribers, you can earn money from YouTube. However, it is very hard for a new video to reach these numbers of view hours and subscribes in a short time manually. In this case, a YouTube watch time software will be the best choice.

What is YouTube? Why do you need 4,000 hours watch time and 1,000 subscribers?

YouTube is a sharing video platform developed and owned by Google. This is the largest sharing video website in the world. Millions of people visit YouTube for different purposes (entertain, study, advertise, etc.) everyday.
YouTubers need to reach 4,000 hours watch time and 1,000 subscribers to become partner then get benefits from YouTube.

Why should you select QniTubeAction?

I will take a lot of time and cost if you try to get 4,000 hours watch time and 1,000 subscribers manually. You need to create thousands of Gmail accounts, log them in on thousands of IPs. It also costs a great deal of time. Therefore, you need a YouTube watch time software, which can run views and subscribers automatically.

Main Features of QniTubeAction – YouTube Watch Time Software

  • Manage unlimited YouTube accounts, YouTube video links
  • Increase YouTube watch time by using Gmail (Software will login multiple Gmail with different proxies to increase determined views)
  • Increase YouTube views by various method (search, direct link. playlist, ect.)
  • Auto comment on YouTube videos
  • Increase YouTube subscriber
  • Like your video’s  comments
  • Dislike videos
  • Support cookies/Profile so that the software doesn’t have to log in to Gmail for each run. The software will login to each Gmail account one time to generate cookies and profiles. Next run it will load cookies or profile to run.
  • Support auto solving captcha

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