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YTAutoReplier Software – Auto Reply Comments – Search and Scrape Comment on YouTube

YTAutoReplier software will help users auto reply YouTube comments, collect YouTube video comments quickly, filter the Top comments or new comments of the videos automatically, etc. in order to save time in making your YouTube channel popular.

I. Outstanding functions of YTAutoReplier Bot – Auto reply YouTube comments

  • Auto reply YouTube comments
  • Auto scrape comment on YouTube
  • Filter comment
  • Auto search comments by tags
  • Support Proxy to change IP
  • Multi-threads

II. How to download YTAutoReplier Bot – Auto reply YouTube comments?

When you buy YTAutoReplier software, we will provide you with 3 links: software link, desktop useragent file and mobile useragent file. Download all these files and unzip the YTAutoReplier.rar then run the .exe file to open the software.

Use the provided license username and password to fill in Login and Password.

Click OK to login.

You choose one of two ways:

  • Run now: Run the software instantly
  • Schedule: Schedule the application to run at specific time
tool tăng thứ hạng bình luận youtube

Learn more: How to use Schedule Tool.

III. Introduction Of Each Function to auto reply YouTube comments

1. Run

This is the number of times that you want the software to run. You can leave it as the default.

2. Threads

The number of threads is the number of tabs, accounts, or windows that run at the same time.

Each thread corresponds with a window that is opened. Provide number of threads that complies with your computer configuration.

3. Action

Select a function on which you want to run the software.

  • Scrape Comment links
  • Reply to Comment

4. Gmail


Note: The data imported includes Gmailpasswordrecovery emailproxyport. You import data as the Template.

Then, click OK to save.

At Gmail section, select the group of data that you want to use.

5. User-Agent Desktop

Click on  ==> select the useragent files that were downloaded as mentioned in Section II.

6. Proxy Source

To avoid being locked out of your YouTube accounts, you should use proxies.

  • If you choose From File, create a text file in which you will put the proxies (for the LinesFromFile section), or paste the proxy address link (for LinesFromUrl section). Each proxy per line in format: IP:Port:Username:Password. Leave username and password empty if your proxy doesn’t have username and password (Some proxies work with IP authentication instead of using username and password).
  • If you choose From Data, click Data in the lower left corner of the software. The account management panel will display (Refer to section 4 of part III to know how to import the Proxy into the software).
  • If you don’t have Proxy, choose No Proxy to run the software. Running so many YouTube accounts on the same IP can lead to your accounts locked.

7. Folder Cookies

Folder Cookies is a place where the software will store cookies and profiles of the accounts. Software will use cookies and profiles for the next runs without logging back into accounts. Create a new Cookies folder on any hardware disk that you want to save cookies and profile and get the path to put into the setting as shown:

8. Folder Data

Do the same as Folder Cookies.

9. Random Delay

Random Delay is time waiting between two actions.

Note: Unit is millisecond (For example 30000 = 30 seconds).

10. Rent Cookies?

If you rent cookies at Autobotsoft.com, choose Yes => At File Rented Cookies, Click   => select file that Autobotsoft provided.

Otherwise, choose No.

IV. How To Run Each Function of YTAutoReplier Bot – Auto reply YouTube comments?

1. Scrape Comment Links

At Action, choose Scarpe Comment Links.

Create a text file which contains tags.

At Tag, click Phần mềm Tiktok => select the text file that contains tags.

At Search Filter, choose filter to search on YouTube.

In Soft Comments By section, choose one of two ways to scrape comments.

At Number Of Comments/Video, choose the number of comments/video.

Note: comments scraped will be saved in Not in group of Database Manager. You use this data to run Reply to comment function.

2. Reply To Comment

At Action, choose Reply To Comment.

Create a text file which contains comments that you will use to comment on YouTube.

At Reply Content, click Phần mềm Tiktok => select the text file containing comments:

At Link to Reply, choose group that contains links of comments.

Click OK to run.

Thanks for reading!

Contact info

Email: autobotsoft@gmail.com

FaceBook: https://www.facebook.com/autobotsoftsupport

Skype: live:.cid.78c51cd4e7238ae3

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGftS8E3vX7IaUwg4GgDWDQ

Twitter: https://twitter.com/autobotsoft

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